Lyngheid’s Prize
Wyrm’s Clutch

Throrgrmir’s Age of Decadence

Tomb built, fallen heroes enshrined, the Throrgrmir dwarves recovered, though their population much reduced by the wyrm’s incursion. They continued their work and became rich beyond imagination. They built a smelter and improved the quality of their bronze tools. With a foundry, they increased metalwork production. To protect Throrgardr against further invasion from the nether reaches, they built a great gate at the city’s entrance above the Deepmost Caverns.

Meanwhile, gold mining continued until the primary vein was exhausted, at which time they turned their efforts to crystal and gem deposits.

They also embarked upon an ambitious project. Desiring to bring water to the upper levels, they planned to construct a canal along the empty vein. They built a simple yet enormous device to bring water up from the subterranean river. They named it “Eitri’s Screw,” after its audacious inventor.1

Applying knowledge of metallurgy and crystallography, they made a weapon. The purpose and use of which would be lost with the civilization that conceived it.2

As wealth increased, society grew self-indulgent. Successive emperors became less attentive to dwarfolk needs. Tension rose between laborers and bureaucrats. Protests turned to revolt. Revolt turned to civil war. Throrgardr burned.

Throrgrmir Civilization Before the Civil War Throrgrmir Civilization After the Civil War
Throrgrmir Civilization Before and After the Civil War.
At war’s end, half the remaining dwarven population departed3 with half the treasure, seeking a new home. Four populations, eight treasures, and three epic treasures remain.
Throrgrmir Civilization Age of Decadence overlay Throrgrmir Civilization Age of Decadence composite
Throrgrmir Civilization Age of Decadence Overlay and Composite.


1 In our world, its invention is attributed to Archimedes. The water screw is tilted at a 45-degree angle to hold the load as it screws up. Though it appears vertical on the campaign map, Eitri’s exemplar is tilted north, in our viewing direction.

2 Having no idea what sort of “doom weapon” dwarves might invent, I drew the sort with which my 1980s upbringing is familiar.

3 In the later Wyrmwyrd campaign, dwarves may be from remaining Throrgrmir clans or from clans of this diaspora.


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