One Deadly Dungeon
A “Monty Haul” Dungeon

The Deep Halls vs Quasqueton

Before we go on to remedy the dearth of experience points stocked in The Deep Halls, I want to check our work against a Holmes-era published module.

In “One Deadly Dungeon,” we use the probabilities for monsters and treasures on the Flying Dungeon Stocking Table to calculate how much experience might be earned in The Deep Halls Level 1. In 51 encounter areas, we count 4,277 XP from treasures and monsters, including the wandering type.

On his D&D Hotspot, Dan “Delta” Collins treats Dungeon Module B1 In Search of the Unknown with similar scrutiny. In the two-level complex called the Caverns of Quasqueton, Dan counts 4,264 stocked XP in 56 encounter areas. He omits wandering monsters.

Dungeon Module B1 In Search of the Unknown - Mike Carr
Dungeon Module B1 In Search of the Unknown by Mike Carr (TSR Games, 1979) replaced Sets One of Monster & Treasure Assortment and Dungeon Geomorphs in later printings of the Basic D&D boxed set.

So as not to compare daggers to broadswords, we remove wandering monsters (425 XP) from The Deep Halls—3,852 XP.

Comparing Experience Points per Encounter Area

Dungeon Total XP No. of Areas XP per Area
Quasqueton 4,264 56 areas 76.14
The Deep Halls 3,852 51 areas 75.53

Rounding brings the XP per area to the same. This should not be surprising. I derived the Flying Table from guidelines given in Holmes Basic with the two earlier supplements B1 replaced. The correspondence only suggests that, one, module designer Mike Carr used the same guidelines, and two, at least regarding monsters and treasures, the Flying Dungeon Stocking Table hits the mark.

While we’re poking around in Carr’s Quasqueton, let’s look at how the total XP is distributed between treasures and monsters.

Comparing Treasure-to-Monster Ratio

Dungeon XP from Treasure XP from Monsters Ratio
Quasqueton 3,400 864 39:10
The Deep Halls 2,752 1,100 25:10

The same amount of XP is delivered in a different balance. More monsters dwell in The Deep Halls. Quasqueton contains more wealth. There is room yet in our dungeon for at least half again the treasures.


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