Dungeon Overhead by Strata
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Flying Table by Dungeon Geomorphs Sets

“Brief instructions below the ENCOUNTER KEY EXAMPLE in Set One: Basic Dungeons gives ‘Approximately 25%’ as the monster probability… While the instructions in Set Three: Lower Dungeons are the same, those in Set Two differ in one respect: In Caves and Caverns, we encounter a monster in half the rooms.”—from “Flying Dungeon Stocking Table by the Bluebook

While sussing the Flying Table, I mentioned my surprise at the discovery that there are more monsters in caves than in dungeons. We know from the Map God’s description that the Deep Halls were “constructed and adapted from existing caverns following their dreams channeled from Amon-Gorloth itself.”

I am, therefore, determined to make the distinction between the Halls’ built dungeons and its existing caves. Below are two tables, one to match instructions from Sets One and Three and another for Set Two.

Download the Flying Dungeon Stocking Tables for Print or Phone from the Downloads page.

Compared to the Flying Table by the Bluebook

Holmes gives 33% as the chance a room contains a monster (40). The difference from the Bluebook is made up by reducing the chance for an “interesting variation” to only 3% in caves and increasing the number of empty rooms from 22% to 30% in dungeons. In both cases, the proportion of monsters with versus without treasures is the same, as is the chance for traps, which remains 20%.

For details on how and whence the tables are derived, see “Flying Dungeon Stocking Table by the Bluebook.”

Flying Dungeon Stocking Table for Basic and Lower Dungeons

d100 Result
1-4 Monsters, double treasures (special)
5-8 Monsters, double treasures (selected)
9-14 Monsters, single treasure (selected)
15-20 Monsters, single treasure (random)
21-25 Monsters, no treasure
26-30 Treasure (hidden, trapped; room appears empty)
31 Trap: transports to deeper level
32-35 Trap: scything melee weapon
36-37 Trap: falling block
38-41 Trap: spring-loaded missile
42-46 Trap: trapdoor in floor, pit “relatively shallow”
47-49 Trap: trapdoor in floor, pit 10’ deep
50 Trap: trapdoor in floor, pit 20’ deep
51-70 Interesting variation
71-100 Appears to be empty…

Flying Dungeon Stocking Table for Caves and Caverns

d100 Result
1-8 Monsters, double treasures (special)
9-16 Monsters, double treasures (selected)
17-24 Monsters, single treasure (selected)
25-40 Monsters, single treasure (random)
41-50 Monsters, no treasure
51-55 Treasure (hidden, trapped; room appears empty)
56 Trap: transports to deeper level
57-60 Trap: scything melee weapon
61-62 Trap: falling block
63-66 Trap: spring-loaded missile
67-71 Trap: trapdoor in floor, pit “relatively shallow”
72-74 Trap: trapdoor in floor, pit 10’ deep
75 Trap: trapdoor in floor, pit 20’ deep
76-78 Interesting variation
79-100 Appears to be empty…



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