Pre-War Disposition of Forces
Strategic Movement

Campaign Scenario and Objectives


The Valormr Campaign opens as Anax Archontas raids the dwarven citadel to establish a lair within and to cut off the main surface entrance to Throrgrmir, the dwarves’ underground realm. Meanwhile, the dragon’s allies and operatives in the subterranean realms east and west of Throrgrmir cut off communication and supply by the subterranean highway and river.1

Dwarf High King Harbard V then sends out a call to Throrgrmir’s surface neighbors, requesting aid to break the siege.

Whether they believe the Wyrm Prophecy, the lands of Law consider a dragon laired up so close to home an unacceptable threat. More than that, Throrgrmir is the richest, most influential, and most powerful state in the region. Its neighbors come to its aid to ensure lucrative trade with the gold- and gem-producing realm and to earn the favor of the dwarf kings and their powerful clans.


Anax Archontas desires to subjugate the Throrgrmir dwarves and begin the Age of Dragons. Failing subjugation, their destruction will do. His orders to the General Commander of the Chaos Armies are to besiege the underground realm until the dwarves surrender or perish.

Each of the responding Forces of Law is under its own command. The commanders’ objectives are to march to the Throrgrmir Valley, to join forces with the dwarves and any other responding forces, and to break the siege on the citadel, routing the red dragon and, if possible, destroying it.2

General Commander of the Chaos Armies Hadewych the Arbiter gives orders to certain of her subordinate army commanders to harass the Forces of Law as they march to the valley. The intent is to reduce the combined threat to break the siege, if not destroy the Forces of Law in detail. To the remainder of the Chaos Armies, her orders are to reinforce the siege on the citadel and prepare for battle against the oncoming Forces of Law.

Campaign’s Eve
Flying High Above the Throrgrmir Valley, Anax Archontas Surveys the Assembled Chaos Armies.
On the eve of attack, the Chaos Armies are massed at the Keep on the Pale Moor, constructed to serve as the staging area and the General Commander’s headquarters. The Ellriendi Elves respond to the massing of troops in the west, increased orc activity in the east, and the movement of a large body of gnolls in the south by blocking all river traffic through the forest and reinforcing perimeter patrols.


1 Chaos’s underground operations are not the focus of the campaign so are not played out. We assume they are successful to a great degree. The dwarves manage to get messages through service tunnels, narrow and circuitous, but not supplies in any appreciable amount.

2 In a more complex scenario, each of the Forces of Law may seek to advance its own agenda.


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