Terrain Reconnaissance
Avoid, Evade, Delay, and Withdraw

Engage or Evade

Contact and Deployment

“Engage or Evade” is the fourth of six parts of “Contact and Deployment” in the Valormr Campaign.

Once the opponent’s force size and composition are estimated and the terrain upon which a battle may take place has been surveyed, each commander decides whether to engage or evade.

A commander with a 1 result on the contact dice, therefore unaware of the enemy, does not have the opportunity to evade.

  • If both opt to engage—that’s what we dressed up for—go to the deployment phase.
  • If both opt to evade, they are successful; the forces are no longer in map contact, and play continues on the strategic map.
  • If one opts to evade while the other desires engagement, the evasion is handled by dice throws, which is covered in the next article “Avoid, Evade, Delay, and Withdraw.”
Engage or Evade
Engage or Evade?

With two forces opposite her one, Hadewych desires terrain she can use in her favor. But a gully on her left allows an unobserved enemy approach, and both opponents have the higher ground. Dissatisfied, she evades the engagement.


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