Throrgrmir’s Age of Decadence

Lyngheid’s Prize

The dwarf-wyrm encounter I envisioned became an adventure, both in-game and in its setting up. More than two weeks later, I’ve played the scenario several times in the dwarven city arranged in beach stones on two tables in my small apartment.

I’m tempted to recount the event in dramatic detail, but I’m more eager to get back to the history’s main thread. So I will, instead, summarize here only details pertinent to the current campaign and to that which is to come.

Future adventurers read the inscription on the dwarven lords’ tomb
Future adventurers read the inscription on the dwarven lords’ tomb.

The dwarven lords pushed the primordial wyrm back to her lair in the Deepmost Caverns. Four dwarven lords of ten survived. They rescued two dwarfolk groups but not the third, which the wyrm ate.

Six dwarven lords and a dwarfolk group, in total the Throrgrmir dwarves lose seven populations, and the primordial wyrm can lay as many eggs.

One of the surviving dwarfolk was a pre-adolescent female named Lyngheid. The dwarven lords discovered the dwarfkin, wearing an overlarge mail shirt and armed with wooden sword, marching toward the source of recent screams, quickly-squelched, and escorted her to the nearest exit. Unknown to them, as soon as they were out of sight, Lyngheid sneaked back in.

The dwarfkin reappeared just in time to charge into the wyrm battle, stopping to pick up a sword, which lay next to the charred remains of its previous owner.

Lyngheid then squeezed into the melee and planted the sword in the wyrm’s nose. The wyrm fled with a sword +1, +3 vs. dragons stuck in her snout.

For her bravery and heroic deed, Lyngheid was made a hero and given honorary possession of the weapon.

“Lyngheid’s Prize” now lies in the wyrm’s treasure horde at the bottom of the Deepmost Caverns, where it gains intelligence and a distinct hatred for dragon kind.

Wyrm Dawn Campaign Map - The next age of the Throrgrmir civilization begins with the building of a tomb
Wyrm Dawn Campaign Map.
The next age of the Throrgrmir civilization begins with the building of a tomb.


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