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The Valormr Campaign Strategic Movement Map

Some thousands of years prior to the beginning of Wyrmwyrd, the Throrgrmir dwarves defended their subterranean civilization against the red dragon Anax Archondas.

While in Viggo Eskilsson’s day, we refer to the battle as Valormr, at the time it was known as the Battle of Throrgrmir. Later historians would call it the Second Wyrm War. The first was the Battle of Throrgardr.

In the Valormr Campaign, we simulate events and engagements leading up to the Battle of Throrgrmir and the battle itself.

Valormr Strategic Map (100 dpi)

The Valormr Campaign Strategic Movement Map.


Terrain Population Centers
Clear Clear City City
Coast Coast Town Town
Forest Forest Settlement Settlement
Hills Hills Infrastructure
Mountains Mountains Bridge Bridge
River, Major River Major Channel Channel
River, Minor River Minor Ferry Ferry
Sea Sea Ford Ford
Swamp Swamp Road Road
Fortifications Track Track
Castle Castle    
Ruins Ruins    
Tabletop Valormr
War Room Map.
In Setting Up a Wargames Campaign, Tony Bath mounts the strategic map for his years-long Hyboria campaign on a wall with pins to mark army movement. For the summertime Chainmail campaign, wanting to get maximum use out of the pre-painted plastic, I prefer the tabletop. Printed at four times the size, the strategic movement map fits on the dining-wargames table. Army commanders occupy hexes, which are six miles across, a half day’s marching.

To the strategic map, I added two towns, cataracts, fords, a ferry, and a bridge. The map image at top is updated. In addition, I appended a legend to this article. The map in higher resolutions, 100, 300, and 600 dpi, is available on the Downloads page. [08:10 15 August 2021 GMT]


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I love that you're doing it all on 6-mile hexes on tabletop with minis! Is that just a standard vinyl battlemap with your map redrawn in wet-erase markers? Or when you said 'printed at four times the size' did you mean you took a 1/4" hex map drawing and scanned & enlarged it and taped the papers together?

We're just starting a hexcrawl campaign at level 1 over at but I'm hoping over time it'll develop into a domain management game with armies moving over the board just like this.

Stephen Wendell

I scanned the quarter-inch hex map and had it printed full size at a local shop. Splicing requires precision cuts and careful taping. Otherwise, it creates a trip hazard for figurines. Gotta keep the talent happy.

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