Valormr: Rules for Strategic Map Campaigns

Valormr Orders of Battle

In a wargame, one normally begins with a number of army points, with which to buy figures, respecting general proportions defined by the historical or fantastical context. In a campaign, the points are allotted for the duration, augmented by a small periodic point budget. Forces must be husbanded across the campaign’s several battles.

For the Valormr Campaign, I turned the process around. I sorted through my collection for all troop types and any creature types described in Chainmail. To those I added a couple others but kept additions to a minimum, knowing I would have to assign game stats to them.

With a few human armies on both sides, I foresee the need for up to four human regiments on the table for the climactic battle at least. The size of human regiments is based on the number of troop types I could recruit from the collection divided by four. All the humanoid troops are pressed into service.

Prepared for Inspection
Prepared for Inspection.
Orders of battle may vary depending on your own collection of miniature figurines.

According to the scenario, Anax Archontas raises the Chaos Armies at his leisure. It’s the dragon’s raid on the dwarven citadel that spurs the Forces of Law to muster troops. I separate out the Ellriendi Elves because, though they fight against the Chaos Armies, their priority is the protection of the forest and the secret they guard within.

Therefore, I want Chaos to have point-value superiority over Law, with the Elves somewhere between. I loaded the whole lot of figures into an electronic spreadsheet and counted them up by point value. I then adjusted up or down by adding regiments to armies.

Chaos enjoys the use of the majority of fantastic creatures in the “General Line-Up” (39). These are opposed by Law with heroes and wizards, of which Chaos has few.

The Chaos Armies are named after their commanders. The Elf King and Queen each maintain a royal force. Elf regiments take their names from their region. The province of origin lends its name to the armies of the Forces of Law.

Summary of Orders of Battle
Army Points
Anax Archontas (Dragon) 200
Hadewych 480
Solon Theros 120
Annemie Tacx 330
Minke Meine 300
Arkthark (Goblin Horde) 700
(Kobolds) 80
Oberon (Orcs) 320
The Laugher (Gnolls) 180
(Lizard Men) 90
Total 2800
Elf Queen’s Court 450
Elf King’s Company 400
Groennendr Regiment 600
Grunnthraesir Regiment 400
Elding Regiment 550
Total 2200
Throrgrmir (Dwarves) 400
Aeskrvald 450
Grallune 400
Lanze 200
Gyrhawk 200
The Heagh (Highlanders) 60
Noerdenheim (Northmen) 80
Arbenshire (Halfolk) 150
Eglidain Burrows (Gnomes) 60
Total 2000

Reading Map

Detailed orders of battle are forthcoming.


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